Our Approach

This is the place where we talk about “Our Philosophy” or “Our Vision”of Karaoke, D.J.ing and Video D.J.ing industry in 2018 and when we gauge a party a success. There are a few different indicators we use to tell us that the event or party is moving in a positive direction. The feeling you get when the host of the party or event has relieved themselves from the complicated “hosting state of mind” and is out on the dance floor lost in the music or singing their favorite tune. The same feeling of packing everyone at the party on the dance floor. Creating a “N.S.O. Status” (No Seat Occupied) at the party or event is also used as an indicator. When doing a Karaoke job and you are “In The Hole” all night.¬†When the whole nights time is used up doing Karaoke and no time playing filler tunes. These are a few ways we use here at SingOutaTune to determine when our selected D.J.s and K.J.s are making your night a success. GreenLightsParty site singoutatune.com/blog/