Video Disc Jockey

This is the Be-All End-All Disc Jockey service according to anyone who has been to a party with this service. This is taking DJing to new heights and beyond.


Karaoke is your office party staple and remains as one of the top party services of all time. We bring our own flare to Karaoke as we know it and it's up to us at singoutatune to keep the party on its feet! Bandaoke is another service we where we bring a band that's expandable to 18 pieces where you party patrons can experience the thrill of singing with a live band.

Disc Jockey

Playing music is easy but keeping people on the dance floor with new and current music is another skill. We have an endless catalogue of music for any genre or party type.


                 Our Main Message

WE ARE D.C.’s PREMIER PROFESSIONAL LEVEL AUDIO & VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT ORGANIZATION SERVICE that offers a tremendous range of options. Venue or location recommendations, Custom Designs, Video Recording, Visual Presentations, Visual Entertainment, D.J.s, Karaoke, Video D.J.s and Trivia.

We have been in the entertainment business since 1979 and know how to keep people on the dance floor. We offer reasonable prices, unrivaled experience and professional production value that is next to none. In the D.C. area there are only a select few that can offer the same amount of professional value and experience.
We provide services for Clubs, Restaurants, Corporate, Personal, Weddings, Theme Weddings, Family Reunions and other various functions. Our pricing is structured in tiers, but negotiable as per event. If you require special lighting arrangements, strobes, live projector shows with inflatable screens, laser shows, special arrangements, extra loud sound systems that can accompany any size showcase you’ve found the right people.
Apply for a quote and we will be happy to help you. It's your party and the earlier you start the process the more detailed your end result will be great! We book in advance so if your event is a year from now call now and ask us about how much our Pre Planning Discount can save you!